“A Taste of Rowing” Program Description

Sweep rowing is the style of rowing done with at least one other person (in a pair) or with a team of 4 or 8 people.  In the Taste of Rowing class there will be several participants with no experience of rowing added to a group of experienced rowers who will help to set the boat and support the new participants in learning the techniques.  This 3.5 hour class is designed to introduce boat handling safety, the proper body movements to follow the others in the boat, the proper way to handle the oar itself and various drills and rowing terminology pertaining to sweep rowing.  Upon completion of the class the participants can discuss with the coach next steps that could include taking a sculling class or joining the Novice team practices to further improve skills.


$50 per 1-day class

  • Does not include the 1-month membership in the club that full 3 day courses offer.

Participants must be 18 or older.

Rowers need to have the flexibility to squat for getting in and out of the boat.

Class Schedule - Spring 2019

Saturday, March 2: noon-3:30pm
Saturday, May 11: noon-3:30pm
Saturday, June 8: noon-3:30pm